All Weather Maintenance 

Spring Landscaping Services:

• Prune
• Hand Clip
• Rake beds
• Blow planting beds, rocks and lawn
• Fertilize shrubs, trees, perennials
• Apply Pre emergent, dormant oil spray
• Thatch lawn
• Lawn Aeration
• Lawn Mowing
• Lawn and Bed Edging
• String trim
• Fertilize lawn
• Soil test lawn
• Clean: gutters, roof

Weekly and Monthly Landscape and Maintenance Services:

• Lawn Cutting
• Edging
• String trimming
• Blow driveway(s), patio(s) and walkways
• Weed planted beds
• Weed pavers
• Clip perennial and annual flowers
• Planter Bed Maintenance
• Hand Clipping
• Spray weed killer and Pre-emergent
• Prune bushes
• Prune trees
• IPM-Bushes, flowers, trees, lawn
• Fertilize- Lawn and flowers
• Spray-Bushes, Trees, Flowers, Lawn
• Check Lawn/Shrub Irrigation systems
• Check Trees and shrubs for signs of stress
• Complete Irrigation Check
• Property Landscape Evaluation

Spring Landscape Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance:

• Installation, Design and Configuration
• Turn Irrigation System on/off
• Check and adjust heads
• Check Emitters
• Set Irrigation System Timing
• Clean Sprinkler Heads in Lawn Areas
• Apply Fertilizer and Chemicals as needed
• Pruning as needed

Year-round Pond Maintenance

• Fall Pond Clean-up
• Spring Pond Clean-up
• Annual Pond Maintenance
• Pond Repair (Leaks, plumbing, filtration systems, pumps)

Fall Landscaping Services:

• General Yard Clean-Up (leaves, pine needles, broken branches, debris)
• Fertilize Lawn and Shrubs
• Clean up and prune perennials, flowers
• Spray shrubs, trees with dormant oils as needed
• Irrigation: Turn off sprinkler clock, water. Blow out system
• Reset and adjust time clocks and outdoor lighting, change bulbs
• Clean gutters, roof
• Power washing (pavers, driveways, fences)
• Fence Building and Repair
• Deep root feeding trees/shrubs

Winter Landscaping Services:

• Snow Removal