Commercial Landscape Services

Hillside Landscape is a professional, licensed, bonded and insured, full-service landscape team. With over 30 years of landscape experience in commercial landscape services, we have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right the first time to ensure that your commercial landscape installation and maintenance needs, no matter how large or small are well withing our capability.



General Landscaping Services:

• Planting Trees
• Planting Shrubs
• Plant Replacement
• Irrigation Repair
• Irrigation Maintenance
• Irrigation installation, expansion and modification
• Decorative Rock Installation (Boulders, River Rock, Bedding Rock)
• Terra-forming Planter Areas
• Landscape Design
• Implementation of Architectural Landscape specifications

Spring Landscaping Services:

• Prune
• Hand Clip
• Rake beds
• Blow planting beds, rocks, lawns, walkways, parking lots
• Fertilize shrubs, trees, perennials
• Apply Pre emergent, dormant oil spray
• Thatch lawn areas
• Lawn Aeration
• Lawn Mowing
• Lawn and Bed Edging
• String trim
• Fertilize lawn
• Soil test lawn
• Annual Color Planting
• Tree Planting
• Tree Pruning
• Weeding (Flower Beds, Walkways, Parking areas)

Weekly and Monthly Landscape and Maintenance Services:

• Lawn Cutting
• Edging
• String trimming
• Blow driveway(s), patio(s) and walkways
• Weed planted beds
• Weed pavers
• Clip perennial and annual flowers
• Planter Bed Maintenance
• Hand Clipping
• Spray weed killer and Pre-emergent
• Prune bushes
• Prune trees
• IPM-Bushes, flowers, trees, lawn
• Fertilize- Lawn and flowers
• Spray-Bushes, Trees, Flowers, Lawn
• Check Lawn/Shrub Irrigation systems
• Check Trees and shrubs for signs of stress
• Complete Irrigation Check
• Property Landscape Evaluation

Spring Landscape Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance:

• Installation, Design and Configuration
• Turn Irrigation System on/off
• Check and adjust heads
• Check Emitters
• Set Irrigation System Timing
• Clean Sprinkler Heads in Lawn Areas
• Apply Fertilizer and Chemicals as needed
• Pruning as needed

Year-round Pond Maintenance

• Fall Pond Clean-up
• Spring Pond Clean-up
• Annual Pond Maintenance
• Pond Repair (Leaks, plumbing, filtration systems, pumps)

Fall Landscaping Services:

• General Yard Clean-Up (leaves, pine needles, broken branches, debris)
• Fertilize Lawn and Shrubs
• Clean up and prune perennials, flowers
• Spray shrubs, trees with dormant oils as needed
• Irrigation: Turn off sprinkler clock, water. Blow out system
• Reset and adjust time clocks and outdoor lighting, change bulbs
• Clean gutters, roof
• Power washing (pavers, driveways, fences)
• Fence Building and Repair
• Deep root feeding trees/shrubs

Winter Landscaping Services:

• Snow Removal

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